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Next Gen

Youth Night | First Wednesday

On the first Wednesday of every month, from 6:00-8:00p, Middle and High School students gather for dynamic worship, good food, and exciting games. Join in on the fun and let's get closer to God and each other!

City Groups | Third Sunday

On the third Sunday of every month, middle and high school students meet in an intentional, safe home environment meant to establish community and friendships and draw closer to Jesus. Click the links below to sign up for City Groups, and we will send out location for each group!

Middle School | 5:00-6:30p

High School | 7:00-8:30p

Questions? We would love to help!

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Dreamers | 6 weeks - 2 years

Our Dreamers room welcomes the wide-eyed wonders of life. Babies are such a sweet reminder of the adventure and newness of life. We are happy to serve your littles through caring, feeding, praying, and worshipping. Due to babies having more individualistic needs, they get to have more relational interaction with their teachers to propel their relationship with the local church and Jesus.


Heroes | 3 years - Kindergarten

Our Heroes have the attitude to change the world through their big imagination. We believe this is a pivotal point for children to learn and grow and we are happy to cheer for them along the way! They will get to enjoy engaging games, storytelling, an interactive video message, and worship.

Palm City Kids | 1st grade - 5th grade

The Palm City Kids are becoming the influencers in the wild. These kids are embarking on such an ever-changing journey of life and we find it a privilege to get to champion them along the way. PCK will get to play interactive games, experience worship, enjoy an exciting video message, and develop friendships through small groups!

Palm City Kids

Child Dedication

We are excited that you are interested in dedicating your child to the Lord. The purpose of Child Dedication is for parents to present their child before God and the church, committing to seek after His grace and wisdom in carrying out their responsibilities.


We believe Psalm 127:3, which says “Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him.” Parent Dedication is a time for us to celebrate and thank God for the gift of your children. It’s also a time for you, as parents, to commit to model what following Jesus looks like and to raise your children to understand that they are saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, to believe that the Bible is absolute Truth, and to know the importance of committing to a community of faith through the local church.

Parent Commitments

During the dedication service, parents promise before God, their family, and the church to raise their child in a God-honoring way. Because parents are the key role models for their children, we ask that they commit to the following before dedicating their child:

  • Parent(s) have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • Parent(s) are regular attenders of Palm City's weekend services and are following Christ in their own life.

  • Parent(s) agree with our church’s beliefs and values, which can be found in our Statement of Faith.

  • Parent(s) commit to modeling personal purity and to lead by example in matters of faith and conduct. That means living a life of sexual purity according to God's standards.

Next Opportunity: March 26, 2023

Child Dedication
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